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Allergy to contrast agents

Contrast agents are used in the form of intravenous injections for the practice of specialized radiological examinations.
Allergic reactions to these products manifested by itchy lesions usually generalized urticaria, and occasionally, a wheezing respiratory gene.

Generalized urticaria occurring a few minutes after injection of contrast product.

Positive to Telebrix IDR.

Although the majority of reactions reported by patients are not strictly speaking allergies, it is important to seek allergy exploration to avoid the patient any severe allergic reaction to an upcoming exam.
Diagnosis is based on the practice of intradermal reactions to different products starting with a concentration of 1/1000. The reading will be 20 minutes and 48 hours.

Xenetix positive intradermal reaction in a patient who experienced a severe reaction to a practice of a CT scan.

The appearance of eczema at the injection site a few days after the injection of contrast, requires the practice of patch tests (patch tests to iodinated contrast media).

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