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Eczema is characterized by the presence of a red lesion with itching, followed by rapid onset of vesicles and crusts overlapping.
Contact eczema is a common disease secondary contact with a product to which the patient is allergic.

Only the removal of the allergen can cure, this allergen is detected by the practice of patch tests with standard battery, or even extended battery is essential to identify the allergen.

Patch testing: consistent plating on the back, different substances at low concentrations.
Reading is 48 hours and 72 hours.
The appearance of eczema in front of one of the cups means that the patient is allergic to the product that contain this cup

Contact dermatitis occurring 48h after application

Allergens that may be involved are many numerous: perfumes, antiseptics, preservatives, resins, antibiotics, plant, nickel, cobalt, sunscreens .....

Contact dermatitis in a worker in printing. Patch test showed an allergy to balsam of Peru used to place testworking

Hand Eczema
and arms.
Patch test were positive to
mix thuiram (rubber). The patient used rubber gloves to clean

Positive patch tests to PPD (para-phenylenediamine),
which enters the composition of hair dye

Positive patch tests to nickel in a patient with eczema
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